About Us
India’s only multi-brand super bike dealership!
Adishwar Auto Ride India is part of the renowned Mahavir Group, headed by Chairman Yashwant Jhabakh. Established in 1998, Mahavir Group was the first Mercedes-Benz dealership in Hyderabad, and one of the first in India. Today, the group owns one of the largest 4-wheeler dealerships set up in the country and is the authorized dealer for Mercedes-Benz, ISUZU Motors, and ŠKODA Auto in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala. Mahavir Group is also involved in high-end audio solutions under the brand Mahavir Soundroom, along with other ventures in education, finance, and insurance as well.

Adishwar Auto Ride India was established in 2018, with the objective of providing the Indian motoring enthusiast with a wide range of advanced tech-enabled mobility solutions in line with international standards. The company has grown exponentially since then with a robust manufacturing facility, located in Hyderabad. The plant covers an area of 2.5 Acres and is capable of churning out 30,000 units annually. The company also boasts a 50+ dealership network with over 20,000 satisfied superbike customers across India.
Moto Vault is the latest venture from Aadishwar Auto Ride India (AARI). A multi-brand superbike franchise that comprises critically acclaimed brands like Italian Icon Moto Morini and Zontes, with many more world-class brands from across the globe, to follow. A one-stop shop for all motoring needs under one roof.

The core principle behind Moto-Vault is “To disrupt the premium two-wheeler mobility segment by providing the Indian motoring enthusiast access to attractive, powerful, robust, well-equipped and well-reviewed products from world-class brands across the world, at a competitive price.”

Vikas Jhabakh, Director, Mahavir Group, said “Moto Vault takes inspiration from more mature markets abroad, where having multiple brands under one roof is more of a norm rather than an exception. India too has matured as a premium two-wheeler market over the last few years, and we feel now is a suitable time for this concept to flourish.”

The Multi-brand franchise format is one that is best suited for Customers and Dealer Investors.

  • The advantage for customers is the ability to engage with new brands offering premium products at competitive prices, under one roof. They are able to test and compare these products at the same time, under similar conditions in order to take an informed decision. Comparative to single brand format, the multi-brand setup is also more penetrative, with dealerships in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. This in turns benefits customers living in and around these cities, with easy access to touch points and service station.

  • The multi-brand format is also more investor friendly and accommodating towards first time investors. Investors benefit from having multiple brands, product lines and revenue streams available for both sales and service, within a single investment. This also results in a comparatively lower risk for potential investors as compared to the traditional single brand format. In turn, this model help penetrates the India network better, as those living in tier 2 and tier 3 cities can also consider investing.

The concept also rings true with regards to the much need emphasis on environmental impact and sustainability. It negates the need for multiple single brand showroom and service stations. Having one showroom and service station for multiple brands, is much more efficient than the traditional structure ensuring maximum utilization of resources.

As stated in a recent article in The Economic Times Auto, “The age of Multi-brand retails has arrived!” Multi-brand auto retail is the next step in the evolution of the auto industry. An upgrade from the traditional setup for Customers and Dealers Investors. It is no longer a question of “if” and “when”, but an inevitable certainty that Multi-Brand auto retails is the future and the future is here!